The Big Life Course FRamework

here is a summary of our foundation framework

You will discover more of who you can be, how you can relate, and what you can create.

Think of three aspects: The Self, Others and the World, which we shorten to “SOW”.

For reference, they map to You, your Relationships and your Work.

We start with the Self.


Everything you do you accomplish thru yourself. You are the biggest influence on your life. Or you could be... So that’s where we begin.


Your relationship with Others is next. Creating great relationships is a learnable skill. Imagine having good to great relationships with everyone. What a world it would be!

Third is about the World you can affect. In other words, work. What are you here for? This is where you find out more. And discover how you can work well on purpose.

In the first month, we work on Self, second is Others, and then our Work in the World. We’ll work on what we call Acceptance, Connection and Transformation. Accepting what is, Connecting with what could be, and enabling the Transformation. It’s the “ACT” of life!

It’s won’t all be easy. You may be disentangling yourself from years of limited thinking. It won’t all go away immediately, but you will discover practical tools to move on.

Many of us have had difficult experiences and struggled with relationships. 

You may not have done what you could. It may be time to make a bigger difference. We’ll provide tried and tested tools that can help you do so, from vision to reality.

how about a visual?



Download the full foundation brief here