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Your Beliefs about self

I can’t change; I’ve tried before and got nowhere; change is too hard for me; I’d have to face stuff I don’t want to face.

The Big Life Course:

"Personal change can be hard without powerful tools, but we’ve tried and tested many practices that work for many people. You remain in control at all moments of The Big Life Course  You work on what you want. You can pass on anything as suits you." 



the programme


It’s not right for me, they might not be any good; it’s too expensive, time-consumptive.

The Big Life Course:

"We’ve worked well with people across the world, TBLC is right for people who are curious about life and open to developing themselves (a filter); The Big Life Course is high-value, low-cost, and you can pick times that work for you."

The course


They could be weird; I may have to agree to strange stuff. 

The Big Life Course:

"There’s no dogma, you get to develop your perspective, it’s all a matter of your choice."




To those who still think: "I am not sure what this is or if it will work for me!"

The answer is a validation session,

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